Opportunities for pharmacy technician graduates in 2018-2019

A pharmacy technician is a person who is trained to work in health care industry mostly working under registered pharmacist by respective registration bodies in various jurisdictions. This category of work is often misunderstood to be a low end unskilled labor associated with low salary scale. This can only be thought of so by people not aware of the various other opportunities available in this field.

Look briefly at the video explaining day-to-day job of pharmacy tech:

This opportunities are brought about by change taking place and that change expected in the pharmaceutical industry in the near future. Let’s explore some of them:

Population aging

This scenario arises when the average age of a country’s population rises over time. With a higher number of the older population which has more medical needs, pharmaceutical technicians get more opportunities to work.

Increased government funding in health care

With initiatives by the government, such as Obamacare, necessary funds have been put in place to ensure better health care to American citizens. This has and will make health care accessible to many. There still are talks as to whether Affordable Care Act should be repealed or not, please refer to our another post on this topic, where we discuss possible consequences it can have on healthcare jobs.

High number of people retiring

As the population ages the ratio of people retiring to those being hired increases providing a greater demand for pharmaceutical services.

There are various opportunities for pharmacy technicians. This are due to various changes expected as some are highlighted above. Because of them, becoming a pharmacy technician can be a great idea assuming state of affairs in modern-day healthcare system. But, what is more, some of these opportunities are as follows:

I. Hospital and pharmacies

Pharmaceutical technicians work with medical professional and nurses to ensure patients get the best treatments and appropriate prescriptions. They are involved in administration and dispensation of drugs. With experience they advise, play a crucial role in research, pharmaceutical data analytics and development.

II. Long term care facilities

Although it is a small component of pharmaceutical field as per now this is a steadily growing opportunity for pharmaceutical technicians. In this facilities they get presented with an opportunity to do something good to humanity; take care of the old, disabled, and the less fortunate in society.

III. Pharmaceutical manufacturers

They need the pharmaceutical technicians for product strategy, research, marketing and even running of the supply chain and procurement. They are often involved in clinical trials, data gathering and information services. Some end up in rewarding positions in pharmacy management as senior pharmacy technicians.

IV. Insurance companies

Due to requirement such as end of policy period’, product spoilage or contamination, errors and omissions, often than not pharmaceutical companies and insurance companies require technical people in pharmaceuticals to offer guidance, help in purchasing and selling of insurance policies respectively.

V. Computer software companies

For effective management and running of a pharmaceutical companies, they need important tools such as ERPs (Enterprise Resource Planning) software, or EMR (Electronic Medical Records). During such tools development accuracy and consistence is of paramount. This necessitates the need for continuous consultations between software developers and the pharmaceutical technicians.

All people need pharmaceutical skills for personal benefits such as to avoid being exploited, emergencies, making of informed decisions and lots more this can be acquired on a pharmaceutical technician level. This skills can be applied to the various opportunities highlighted above either as an employee, client or employer.

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